GPS EASYBOATs are COLLAPSIBLE BOATS that revolutionize the way in which craft in the 250 to 350 cm range are used

Why choose a GPS easyboat?
Anglers, hunters and, generally speaking, anyone who enjoys spending their free time on the water are looking for boats that are easy to transport.

Nobody else offers the simplicity that OUR BOATS offer on a worldwide scale.

If you want a BOAT but don't have much room to keep one.

If you want a BOAT without having to use a luggage rack, trailer and inflating equipment.

If you want a BOAT without excessive costs.

If you want a BOAT with a Flat Rigid Floor as big as the base of the boat.

You can stand up without any problem. You can arrange comfortable folding chairs inside or line it with comfortable airbeds.

Because an inflatable dinghy with a V-shaped keel is too expensive and cannot be folded.

Because a traditional folding boat is still tool long, can accommodate only very tiny outboard internal combustion engines and is prone to theft while being transported.

To get more inside space for equipment or leisure time essentials (holdalls, cool boxes, etc.) while having smaller overall dimensions on the water than an inflatable dinghy.

Is it hard to put together?
The boat is assembled and put away in a matter of minutes and is the equivalent of putting up a tent.
You just need your hands.
This is a patented system.

How is it carried?
The boat carries with two or three bags to better distribute the weight. It can fit in the passenger compartment or boot of a car, campervan or caravan, meaning it is protected from theft and will not incur higher motorway tolls.
They can be easily used by anyone who does not live near a river, lake or the sea.

Where can you sail in them?
Designed and tested for category D waters, with waves up to 0.5 m and wind up to force 4.
These conditions may be encountered on sheltered inland seas and in coastal waters when weather conditions are good.

How does it behave on the water?
GPS is a rigid, lightweight, collapsible boat; on the water, it behaves like a fixed fibreglass or wooden rigid boat.

Stability is greater than other so-called folding boats because it has a flat, rigid floor and high sides that offset rocking with evenly distributed weight.

The Bow is pointed to better cut through the water and use less arm or motor power.
The wide V-shaped Hull is designed to cut waves and keep the boat going straighter even when rowed, wasting less power.

Motor consumption is lower and performance higher than inflatable dinghies since it displaces less water while moving due to its smaller size.

Stability is greater than other so-called folding boats because it has a flat, rigid bottom and high sides that offset rocking with evenly distributed weight.

Is it safe?
It won't sink if it fills with water because the floor incorporates sheets of closed-cell expanded polyurethane foam.

What motor can it accommodate?
It can be used with oars or an outboard up to 3kW (4 HP), or an electric motor along rivers, on lakes or along the coast.

Is it strong?
Great lasting value and long service life by virtue of the materials used:
- Fabric is a high-strength 1100 Dtex polyester coated with 4 coats of PVC and protective acrylic lacquer finish, reinforced with double the thickness on the bottom, UV stable and abrasion resistant, self-extinguishing and with the option of custom graphics.
High-quality heat-sealed joints with generous overlap, much more reliable than traditional gluing. Fabric production is certified with the ISO 9001-2000 quality system.
- Frame: made entirely from anodized aluminium alloy, it is TIG welded by qualified personnel; lightweight and designed to be put together in a matter of minutes, with the strong transom, it can take motors up to 3kW
- Floor: made from Okoume Marine Plywood, completely flat and rigid, it provides excellent stability and responsiveness to commands in any kind of situation along with impressive mechanical properties. It is made with polystyrene inside, making the boat unsinkable.

How much does it cost?
Very competitive price… if you're interested, fill out the enquiry form and we'll get back to you.

Can I choose the colours?
There are 30 colours to choose from, including 5 metallic colours, in addition to the decorations featured on the fabric.
Even better, through, you can request a custom fabric made to order from a sample.

Where is it made?
It is 100% Italian made, manufactured in the Veneto region with the most advanced materials employing the latest production technologies.