GPS is a real collapsible rigid boat, lightweight and designed to be dismantled completely - that behaves just like a wooden or fibreglass boat yet is carried in a CASE in the boot of your car, campervan or caravan.

Luggage racks, trailers and inflating equipment ARE A THING OF THE PAST...

Exploiting this ingenious patent revolutionizes the whole technology behind the construction of small craft.

GPS are COLLAPSIBLE BOATS that revolutionize the way in which craft in the 250 to 400 cm range are used since:

  • They can be easily carried even inside the car's passenger compartment like a simple suitcase, meaning:

  • they are protected from theft and will not incur higher motorway tolls
    they can be easily used by anyone who does not live near a river, lake or the sea
    you can purchase one based entirely on the features of the boat you are interested in - such as size and capacity - rather than based on other non-essential parameters - such as weight, air pressure, equipment, trailers and how much space they take up

  • Their reliability, safety, ease of repair, solidity and appearance are unique to the market:

  • on the water, they behave like rigid boats but without taking up the same space
    out of the water, GPS is as practical as a rubber dinghy, but without the hassle of inflating the tubes
    GPS easyboat is the natural progression of the water craft, conceived to exploit only the positive qualities of rigid boats and of inflatable dinghies...

  • Elegant, refined and colourful liveries also come in "special" versions allowing you to customize your boat, with the option of changing its "clothes" whenever you want.

  • The technology used for the materials is the most advanced available on the market today.

  • Since this is a GPS easyboat, even the price has been designed to be unique to the market.